We offer two levels of membership. Full Membership allows you full access to the HCCE resources and activities. Associate Membership reflects centres that have limited capacity to participate at events or restrictions in availability.

In both cases we have a joining fee to cover the initial cost of your application, including the auditing of the venue by our representatives.


  • Joining fee €3000
  • Use of logo
  • Use of plaque
  • Full directory listing
  • Short directory listing
  • Brochure spread
  • Access to database
  • Events participation
  • Access to newsletter
  • Quorum votes - 0.5
  • Budget votes - 1
  • Activity planning
  • 4500

Criteria for HCCE membership

  • The centre must be located in a unique, well maintained building that is at least 100 years old.
  • The core activity is the staging of meetings, incentives, conferences and/or events.
  • A professional management and price structure must be present.
  • The conference centre must be open for business all year round.
  • It must have one plenary hall to accommodate a minimum of 150 persons, with 3 to 4 additional breakout (syndicate) rooms.
  • State of the art technology must be provided.
  • Situated in an area renowned for its architectural heritage and cultural life.
  • Be bound to or have strong links with good hotels and tourist infrastructure.
  • Agree to join the Right and Fair Sustainability code.

Duration of membership

  • Membership can be applied for at any time of the year.
  • HCCE membership is obligatory for a minimum period of one year.
  • Thereafter, membership wilbe extended on a yearly basis.
  • Notice of termination of membership must be delivered to Head Office in the year of intended resignation subject to HCCE terms of resignation.

Minimum obligations

  • Display of the HCCE brass plate and pop-up (where appropriate).
  • HCCE logo must be displayed on the centre’s website, in alprinted material and publications
  • HCCE must be mentioned in alPR, Sales and Marketing activities.
  • Forwarding of international contacts and business to grow the database.
  • Mandatory attendance at the Annual General Assembly.
  • Agree to join the Right and Fair Sustainability code.

The complete Membership Information Kit will be sent after filling in the 'Request for Membership' form below.

Membership Office

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    Our Board of Directors is made up of senior decision makers from the HCCE centres. We are driven by our membership to ensure we stay focused on aligning our goals with those of our members.

    What are HCCE’s objectives?

    The main objective of the Historic Conference Centres of Europe (HCCE) is to increase international and national awareness of the facilities available in our historic conference centres. The members of HCCE strengthen their brand name while they expand their services to national, regional and international clients.
    For Members to work together to share experience, knowledge and know-how in areas such as management, construction in heritage buildings and finances.

    What is HCCE’s marketing strategy?

    HCCE presents a beneficial marketing platform that creates genuine business activities and opportunities. We strengthen the marketing positions of our member centres by promoting them worldwide through our extensive business contacts, alliances and strategic partnerships.


    HCCE membership signifies a quality brand and is an endorsement of a unique historic property that is professionally managed with modern meeting facilities and the latest technology. In short, HCCE is a brand name on which MICE planners can rely.

    International HCCE branding is also a great asset for members wishing to increase their profile beyond local markets to regional and national markets.

    Marketing platform

    The association is focused on developing marketing and sales activities in co-operation with its members. The focus of HCCE’s marketing strategy is the international meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) market.

    We Deliver

    Together we are stronger

    The key to HCCE is working together because members are not competitors, members are collaborators. Sharing experiences, best practice, opportunities and making our financial resources go much further than if they were to buy them individually.

    Building awareness to generate opportunities and grow business

    HCCE utilises a range of marketing channels to make MICE decision makers aware of our network of venues. Some of these are traditional and some reflect the changing world and way potential clients source venues and destinations.
    The key is consistency of brand and message.

    Events - exhibitions - sales drives

    HCCE believe in face-to-face meeting and as such HCCE looks to be at key events for our sector such as IMEX, BBTOnline and infoTAG Berlin. In addition HCCE hosts events inviting key decision makers to meet us at stunning venues. We also take HCCE to buyers by combining client events and sales meetings with opportunities to go and make sales calls to buyers at their offices.

    Advertising - public relations

    HCCE chooses vehicles both traditional and different to position the HCCE brand and give members a chance to experience alternative platforms such as easyJet’s inflight magazine. Together with traditional platforms such as The European and IMEX show catalogue, we look to maximise the reach of member investments.
    Working with members, HCCE look to create and/or distribute articles about HCCE venues - from new appointments to investments in infrastructure and the hosting of key events. Because HCCE share press contacts we can promote releases to media that your normal PR partner may not know.

    Digital - social media - HCCE website - online blogging

    A key area for marketing and one HCCE embraces. The HCCE web portal can be edited by HCCE members and content immediately broadcast to HCCE social media platforms. These in turn can be accessed by member contributors to add news and photos taking place in real time.

    HCCE news is also distributed through specialist bloggers like MICEboard.com and HCCE’s own 5000+ database of MICE and press contacts within a bi-monthly enewsletter. This is one of the key assets of members and reflects nearly 20 years of collaboration within HCCE.

    In 1994, an interview with a French journalist at the HOFBURG Vienna, inspired Mr. Walter Straub to join forces with other historic conference venues. The idea was to form an alliance of historic conference centres all over the world. Criteria were set up for centres to join the alliance.

    The centres should be at least a hundred years old and located in monumental buildings. To support conferences and conventions properly, another criteria is for member centres to be equipped with the latest technology. Finally, professional management is required for a congress centre to join HCCE.

    In 1995, after research performed worldwide, it was discovered that these criteria were only met by conference venues in Europe. 12 European centres joined the alliance.

    Founding members: HOFBURG Vienna (Austria), Congress Graz (Austria), Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Dublin Castle (Ireland), Flanders Congress & Concert Centre, Antwerp (Belgium), Helsinki Congress Paasitorni (Finland), Das Kurhaus Wiesbaden (Germany), M:CON – Congress Center Rosengarten, Mannheim (Germany), Norra Latin, Stockholm (Sweden: no longer a member), Orivieto Conference Centre, Rome (Italy: no longer a member), Palacio de Bolssa, Porto (Portugal: no longer a member), Palais des Papes, Avignon (France: no longer a member).

    In 1996 the alliance was established by Mr. Walter Straub (former CEO of HOFBURG Vienna) and Dr. Nikolaus Breisach (Former CEO of Congress Graz).

    In 2003 it was decided after the Annual General Assembly that the alliance should be an association under Dutch law. The head office was relocated from Graz to Amsterdam.

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