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MdEmdenThe Historische Stadthalle is both well known and popular as a location for film and TV productions, image films and other shoots.
Based on a true story, the drama “Odyssey of Heroes” reached cinema screens at the end of January. It was filmed back in 2011 in various rooms of the Historische Stadthalle.

To find out everything about the film (official website) >>>

The making of the film and further information >>>

BoE 2013The Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal shared a successful stand with in-house Culinaria Catering and the impressive “Eventpartners Wuppertal” Riedel Communications, Deca Card Engineering, IOb-Design and music4friends at the “Best of Events” trade fair in Dortmund on 16th and 17th January 2013. During the party held on the stand on the first evening of the fair, visitors were able to enjoy the mouth-watering creations of Culinaria as well as the live music played by “The Rocking Chairs” band.

Eventpartner Wuppertal >>>


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Our passion for horses and hunting tradition is reflected in the annual Equestrian Gala organised in Kliczków Castle.

Also this year our guests will not miss the spectacular show of fireworks, traditional toasts, live music, thematic photographic exhibition and songs chanted by the hunting group in Kliczków Castle. We invite both the horse lovers and those of you who would like to get to know the old hunting culture and participate in the carnival fun in a totally different convention. We guarantee that this will be the time full of magic!

The ball is taking place on January 5th and it is open to everyone. For more details, check out our website



Equestrian Gala Kliczkow Castle PL

The annual "Piano Plus Festival", hosted by the Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center in their beautiful Robert Krieps concert hall, aims to bring together some of the best pianists with other very talented instrumentalists. Started in 2008 by Jazz in Luxembourg (JAIL) and the Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center, the festival celebrates its 6th edition this year.

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