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Außenansicht Historische Stadthalle WuppertalGood for the environment. Comfortable for you: Thanks to a the cooperative ticket offer of the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal and Deutsche Bahn you can travel to events in the Stadthalle Wuppertal in comfort and with ease.

By choosing to travel by train, you benefit the environment and take an active part in climate protection.

The price* for a return ticket to your event is:
> 2nd class 99 Euros
> 1st class 159 Euros

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Grosser Saal at Historische Stadthalle WuppertalThe Großer Saal was sold out twice and attracted over 3,000 visitors in the target age range of 15 – 35 years from all over Germany and Europe. The magnet that drew in this audience was “Spielemusiken” (game music), live music by Japanese composers from “Final Fantasy” played by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra.

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