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Meet Nathalie, the perfectionist. Nathalie works as the Assistant Conference and Events Manager at our neimënster centre. Earlier this year 28 rue Münster interviewed Nathalie to find out a bit more about her and her secrets!

Nathalie Depoorter, neimënster and you have a history going back a long way

That’s right. Hired on 1 April 2004, I started as administrative assistant to the administrative and financial director. Due to my previous experiences in horeca and in organising and hosting conferences, I became a member of the MICE team on the occasion of Luxembourg’s EU Presidency in January 2005.

Please explain your function within the MICE department.

I work as project manager, supporting customers in the organisation of their events, whether private or corporate. I am responsible for all the logistics, for coordinating suppliers and for the follow up – before, during and after the event. I do my best to make sure the event is a success!

Within your team you have the reputation of being:

A perfectionist and acute.

What is the room you like best at neimënster?

The Cloister – for its sobriety, serenity, calm and authenticity. The light is continually changing there, giving it a unique atmosphere... Time seems to stand still.

Up to now, which event do you remember best?

All events are important in one way or another, but I do have a particular memory of the visit of two well known persons, both of whom left their mark on me on account of their commitment, charisma and simplicity: Runa Khan, founder of the NGO Friend-ship and HRH
Abdallah II of Jordan. There is also one annual event dear to my heart: the Broschtkriibslaf run. More and more people take part each year, and I’m happy to join them. In 2015, there were nearly 1800 runners at the start.

Can you reveal to us the Abbey’s secret?

Secrets are not made to be divulged!”

The above interview is an extract from 28 rue Münster which you can download below.

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