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President of Germany Joachim Gauck will awards the German Environment Prize 2014 in the Kongress Palais KasselOn 26th October, President of Germany Joachim Gauck awarded the German Environment Prize 2014 at an event hosted at HCCE member Kongress Palais Kassel.

With this prize, the German Foundation for the Environment (DBU) rewards excellent performance in the area of sustainability and resource conservation. The German Environment Prize is endowed with €500,000  and is thus the most important award of its kind in Europe.

This year's winners are the academic Prof. Peter Hennicke and the entrepreneur Prof. Gunther Krieg. In addition, Hubert Weinzerl will be presented with the DBU Honorary Award, which has only been awarded three times to date, for his life-long commitment to nature conservation.

It is no coincidence that the German Foundation for the Environment has chosen the Kongress Palais Kassel as the venue: as early as 2009, it was the first conference centre in Germany to be certified with the Green Globe, one of the leading environmental labels in the world. Thus, the Kongress Palais is still playing a pioneering role amongst German event venues.

But it is not just the Kongress Palais, as a certified event location, that makes Kassel perfect for "green meetings", i.e. conferences characterised by environmental friendliness and sustainability: the documenta city can be reached quickly and simply from most regions of Germany, due to its central location. Travel with the CO2-neutral conference ticket, which is offered in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, is even more resource-friendly.

Furthermore, Kassel has a first-class infrastructure for environmentally friendly events - from hotels and restaurants that are committed to the issue of sustainability to a well-developed public transport network and the Konrad bicycle hire system.

"By awarding the German Environment Prize in the Kongress Palais Kassel, the DBU is showing its commitment to greater sustainability in the area of conferences and congresses," says Angelika Hüppe, Managing Director of Kassel Marketing GmbH. "A positive confirmation that we are on the right path with our dedication to the 'green' conference destination Kassel," she adds.

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