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(CS) The Abbaye de Neumünster in the Grund has changed identities many times over the years – from monastery, hospital and prison to cultural centre – with the latest revamp seeing it renamed Neimënster.

However, despite a new name and new logo to go with it, the mission of the former abbey has not changed, its director Ainhoa Achutegui has assured.

Rather, the old logo was outdated, she explained, saying that the new version is more recognisable and easier to read, also from a distance. The yellow background meanwhile will change colour with different events, to reflect the centre's multicultural mission of being a meeting point for Luxembourg's international communities.

To find the new name, the abbey conducted a survey, with a majority of the public in favour of the Luxembourgish “Neimënster”.

The make-over also sees the publication of magazine and programme “Gudde Grond” reduced to two times per year, down from three editions per year. It has also been given a new look to go with the new logo.

The latest edition is out now and available for free at Neimënster and other venues across the capital. The full programme is also available online at neimenster.lu

Source: www.wort.lu/Reporting by Sophie Kieffer


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