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Verabschiedung Absolventen 2014Successful completion of 15 trainees at HCC and the start of training for 12 new apprentices confirm the commitment to professional development at Hannover Congress Centrum.

In 2014 a total of 15 trainees were able to complete successfully their education and exams in four occupations: -

  • 4 event specialists
  • 5 chefs,
  • 4 restaurant professionals
  • 2 event technicians
With this continuous development, HCC is continuing its successful development of vocational education. We are particularly proud of the number trained at the Hannover Congress Centrum and to be at the forefront of training companies in Hanover and by industry standards. For this, special thanks go to all those in the organisation who are involved with great enthusiasm as instructors.

Joachim king, HCC Director

At the beginning of August, 12 new apprentices started their training in the four professions...

HCC neue Azubis 2014

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