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The energy of networking lights up the territory – Como’s first “Energy forum”Como and its lake have become a symbol of knowledge and development, laboratory and showcase of creativity and innovation thanks to the festival dedicated to energy, light and innovation, which took place from the 21st of March to the 27th of June. This first edition of the festival, through an agile and diversified format, has involved academic figures, young innovators, experts and renowned figures of science and art.

Promoted by the association “Città della Luce”, the festival was organized by LT3, firm which specializes in communications and event planning, which is also a member of Lake Como Events Network – a selection of top quality suppliers of the Lake Como meeting industry.

With the aid of this network LT3 managed to create a synergy throughout the territory that has led to the involvement of many of the network’s locations. Starting from the press conference where the festival was first divulged to the press and the public and which took place in the historic Villa del Grumello (headquarters of “Centro di Cultura Scientifica A. Volta” – also partner of the festival), to the opening ceremony christened “ElectriCity evolution” which was carried out in the unique “Teatro Sociale di Como”, Como’s oldest theatre and home to some of the best classical theatre masterpieces.

Having completed the ceremony the forum was underway and the main conference, with focus on global energy needs, present and forthcoming, was carried out at Villa Erbainternational exhibition and conference centre (also main promoter of Lake Como Events Network). The historic villa, the modern congress centre and the botanical garden facing the lake where the ideal setting for debates and discussions in which top level politicians and entrepreneurs such as Mr. Paolo Andrea Colombo – chairman of Enel, Mr. Corrado Passera – secretary of the ministry of economic development in the past government, and Mr. Pippo Ranci Ortigosa – chairman of the supervisory board of A2A S.p.A. where engaged. 
The festival ended in the Grand Hotel di Como with the "14th International Symposium on the science and technology of lighting", where scientists, engineers and professionals of the illumination industry exchanged ideas and opinions and worked on delivering new “green” technology for the years to come.

With this festival Lake Como has demonstrated that it is not only able to accommodate events, but also to design and develop them in successful international appointments, able to involve a diversified and wide target of audiences: citizens, tourists, students, local authorities, professors, engineers and scientists.
Thanks to the synergy between all the locations and the logistic and organizational efficiency of Lake Como Events Network, the Como territory has been able to furthermore grow its competitiveness and offer a diverse and unique event that further enriched the territory’s internationality.

The energy of networking lights up the territory – Como’s first “Energy forum”  The energy of networking lights up the territory – Como’s first “Energy forum” 

The energy of networking lights up the territory – Como’s first “Energy forum”

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