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Kuppelsaal Hannover Congress Centrum by Olaf Mahlstedt

Official commissioning of the new audio induction system at the HCC together with the German Hearing Loss League - Lower Saxony Association e.V took place last week. The new audio induction system inside the cupola hall of the Hannover Congress Centre, installed at the end of February, was levelled out at the HCC -together with the German Hearing Loss League Lower Saxony- and finally released for the benefit of guests.

„The active support by the German Hearing Loss League as the representative of the future users of our audio induction system was very important for us because all the correctly installed technical equipment can only work in an optimal way if those who profit from these amendments have a chance to adjust and realize the details in order to bring out the best in the technical equipment”, says the director of the HCC, Joachim König. 

The chairman of the German Hearing Loss League Lower Saxony, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Erdmann adds: “The new system entirely meets our expectations. We are glad that in future there will be the possibility to offer events of this quality for hearing impaired people. 

The audio induction system at the HCC will in future provide perfect master conditions for hearing impaired people situated at 350 seats of the pit and the elevated pit in the cupola hall and thus create optimal preconditions with the latest technology for this user group at our venue. 

Finally, information signs will be put in place at the equipped areas of the hall as well as an intensive information campaign to all event organizers on the new possibilities including corresponding information on the internet site of HCC.