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Kuppelsaal Foyer HCC

In summer 2013, another step was successfully taken concerning the historic restoration of the building which has been planned for several years: the upper floor foyer of the Kuppelsaal was finished.

The refurbishment of the floors, walls and ceilings have been treated and partly returned to their historic original condition. 

„Especially the chance to recover original paintings in parts of the upper floor foyer, thanks to surprising discovery, this represented a very positive development because the building is able to show its 100 years of history”, says the director of the HCC, Joachim König. 

Simultaneously with this visual restoration 50 percent of the sanitary facilities throughout the entire areas of the Kuppelsaal were modernized. The sanitary facilities in the upper festival rooms, which were also renovated in 2013 were used as an example to preserve the historic principles. 

„So, the historic renovation of HCC combines comfort and a visually pleasing environment - exactly what we intend to do and how we will proceed in the future,” concludes the director of the HCC, Joachim König.