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MHK 2004 HerkulesAs one of the main attractions of the documenta city of Kassel, the Bergpark Wilhelmshe impresses with its spacious park in the style of the English landscape gardens, its unique water features at the foot of the imposing statue of Herkules and Schloss Wilhelmshöhe.

On 23 June 2013, the Baroque hillside park was named the 38th World Heritage Site in Germany and it now belongs to our universal cultural heritage.

The park landscape is characterised in particular by the unusual combination of art, engineering and architecture which makes it unique in the world. Thanks to Landgrave Karl of Hesse-Kassel, who began construction of the spectacular landscape garden in 1696. Kassel is not only the venue for the world-renowned documenta art exhibition, but also a city with a world heritage site - a status which makes it a tourist attraction as well as increasing the international reputation as a conference destination.

As a world heritage site, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is yet one more reason for organisers to opt for the Kongress Palais Kassel as their conference venue. Spectacular architecture and first-class service quality with innovative event technology make the Kongress Palais Kassel (8,500 m2) a place for unique events. Located in central Germany and easy to reach, the Kongress Palais offers the perfect conditions for congresses, conferences, seminars and special events coupled with appropriate cultural programs.

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