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Eilenriedehalle Visio

Between July and August 2013 the biggest hall of the Hannover Congress Centrum, measuring 3,500 sqm, will experience a facelift.

In this context, the parquet floor, being in use since the early 90s, will be replaced by a heavy load-flooring made out of caoutchouc  

„Both the damage after events, occurring more and more often, as well as the increasingly difficult repair work and floor care have brought us to take such measures after a 25 years time,” says HCC director Mr. Joachim König. 

At the same time, the walls of the hall will be painted so that the Eilenriede hall’s overall interior picture will be brought more in line with the already effected measures of the Niedersachsenhalle and the Glashalle. 

„Starting this autumn, we would like to have implemented a homogeneous optimization of our big multi-functional halls corresponding the overall CI of the venue”, adds HCC director König. 

For the entire procedure at the Eilenriede hall another 650,000 Euros will be invested.

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