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OMNI FESTIVAL 2013 @ Neumünster Abbey"Undentified Musical Object" something for everyone!

The OMNI festival takes its name from the Latin word meaning everything, all, or for everyone. It is also a wordplay with the French acronym OVNI (UFO), standing in our case for Objets ...Musicaux Non Identifiés.

This festival has been a cornerstone since the CCRN inception in 2004. It is held yearly in July. 2013 will be its 10th edition (July 03rd - 20th). It is an open-air event with a full view of the historic Luxembourg, with its famous cliff serving as a fantastic backdrop for the audience.
Last night DEAD CAN DANCE opened this year's edition. Find an exclusive interview here:http://www.wort.lu/de/view/exklusivinterview-mit-der-kultband-dead-can-dance-51d4a1eee4b0ab8886782e3e

Tickets and full programme are available on www.ccrn.lu

Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece and Malta
+44 (0)203 637 1045
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