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Restauration of the historic front of the Hannover Congress Centrum´s cupola hall starts this summer 2013. 

After the acknowledgement of the Hannover Congress Centrum as a „cultural monument of national importance“, the renovation of the front of the historic hall will show first concrete steps.

The procedure, government- funded by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the German Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs and the federal state of Lower Saxony, represented by the Lower Saxonian federal office for monument preservation, starts with the construction of a prototype axis in early summer. This will be followed by first partial restauration works of the entire front especially windows and doors but also the front itself. 

The entire project will extend to a period of 5 years until 2016. The aim is to give the old splendor back to the historic front of the cupola hall as well as the festive halls and to let them shine anew.

„We are delighted that, due to the acknowledgement as cultural monument and through the granting of the first fundings, this long-term process may start now. Especially pleasing is the fact that first results may be presented in 2014 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary”, says the director of the HCC, Joachim König.

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