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The Palais Beaumont innovates for its customers. 

Tuesday 23 April 2013 the Palais Beaumont, Historic Conference Centre of Pau hosted its annual event for clients and providers to present the 2012 results and the outlook for 2013. 

The 2012 results revealed that 56% of companies were loyal customers. The 246 events hosted in 2012 increased to 90,000 delegate days and was the best result since 2008.

The economic benefits amounting to €12.3 million in 2012, was the second highest result since the opening of the Palais Beaumont in 2000.  

Space rental with a turnover of € 800,000 was the third highest since 2008. Also noteworthy was a 15% improvement of related products. General expenses decreased significantly by 13% by controlling staff costs. 

The outlook for 2013 is positive with a 71% confirmation to date on our complete portfolio. 

The evening was also an opportunity to present a preview of the new strategic positioning and the innovative new services. 

The Palais Beaumont has developed a "team building musical" the only centre of the 54 convention centres in France to make this offering. Customers will benefit from this truly unique theme of music on offer from the Palais Beaumont. An orchestra that shines with its charismatic leader, talented soloists the perfect overall cohesion with musical osmosis, precisely the way good companies operate. 

Three main themes guide the 2013 strategy:
• Continued efforts of cost control in all areas.
• Anchoring the new position with the statement of the "future convention bureau"
• Developing process synergy of large equipment with the Exhibition and Zenith.

Le Palais Beaumont, Centre de Congrès Historique

Allée Alfred de Musset 64000 Pau FRANCE

Contact : Sandrine Portes Cousseran

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