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Since 2007, this annual comedy festival is organized by Neumünster Abbey . However, the main theme goes beyond comedy with a distinct commitment to the topics of tolerance and respect, in the spirit of which the festival is dedicated to Iraqi comedian Walid Hassan, who was murdered in Bagdad in 2006.

This year’s editions (8th – 17th March 2013, Robert Krieps Hall) features comedians and cabaret artists from France, Germany, the USA, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as Algeria and the Ivory Coast presenting a sharp-witted and relentless comedy program in Luxembourgish, French, German and English.  

08.03. 20.00 – Shirley Souagnon & Lamine Lezghad (in French)

09.03. 20.00 – Jennifer Rawlings (in English)

10.03. 17.00 – Making Luxembourg (in Luxembourgish)

13.03. 20.00 – Fellag (in French)

15.03. 20.00 – Wolfgang Nitschke (in German)

17.03. 17.00 – Bert Kruismans (in French)