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3.6 million Euros spent for state-of-the-art technology, historic ambiance and a new roof.

Festive Inauguration on September 4th, 2012

It is done: the first big tranche of the large modernisation and renovation works of the cupola hall at the Hanover Congress Centre (HCC) has been successfully completed. The historic festival rooms – Blue Room, Bonatz Room and Red Room including the adjacent foyer- shine in new splendour and will be inaugurated on September 4. Thus, after a 3 month construction period, top-class event facilities for conferences, seminars and all kinds of festive events are again available in these rooms. The halls are suitable for a umber of persons between 20 and 217.


Additionally, the renovation of those parts of the tiled roof located above the historic halls has been finished as well as the extensive modernisation of the air condition, the ventilation and heating system. So far, the investment costs add up to 3.6 million Euros, 600,000 Euros allocated for the new roof.

Tradition and Innovation in  a new, attractive setting "During the renovation of our historic festival rooms we have closely cooperated with the monument conservation department and realized a concept that consequently approaches a classy ambiance," explains the director of the HCC, Joachim König. Behind these impressive walls now hide the most modern management utilities for which we have placed nine kilometres of cables. For the renovation of the roof we installed more than 25,000 new tiles. We are very pleased to revive our motto "Tradition and Innovation" in new, more attractive banquet halls."



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