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hannover investmentHannover Congress Centre has invested €8-million-Euro in the constructing a new parking garage.

The building of the new multi-storey car park at the Hannover Congress Centre was officially started by laying the foundation stone on November 10th, 2011.

Present at the ceremony pictured above and left to right were; from Markus Belitz, Councilor Jens-Michael Emmelmann, Hans Mönninghoff, Deputy Chief Executive Director of Economic and Environmental Affairs City of Hannover and Joachim König, Director HCC

Planned to be opened in the summer 2012, the €8-million-Euro-project, with more than 900 parking-lots and a generous green space, will offer a totally new and comfortable standard for all guests and visitors arriving by car at the Hannover Congress Centre.

At the same time, the newly built parking garage will provide appropriate parking spaces for 12 busses as well as an additional logistics area.

Continuing the significant refinement of the service quality offered by HCC.