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  • OMNI, the traditional summer open-air festival of neimënster, is back in 2017 brimming with female power

    neimënster brimming with female power!

    OMNI, the traditional summer open-air festival of neimënster, is back in 2017 brimming with female power: This edition is dedicated to and dominated by Strong Women - singers, musicians, DJanes...

    – performing punk, pop, jazz or electronic tunes in front of the most stunning setting under the stars.

  • Good for Conferences and the OMNI Festival!

    OMNI festival is one of the highlights of the year at neimënstersince it started in 2004. The open-air event, which is held every year in July, takes place in the famous, stunning and sumptuous setting of the historic neimënster cliff.

  • The Event Management Team are as Important as the Venue at HCCE

    Meet Nathalie, the perfectionist. Nathalie works as the Assistant Conference and Events Manager at our neimënstercentre. Earlier this year 28 rue Münster interviewed Nathalie to find out a bit more about her and her secrets!

  • Are HCCE venues the most sustainable in Europe?

    HCCE perhaps has one of the most sustainable sources of MICE venues in Europe with all our centres being at least 100 years old and still in use today. In addition, all our centres are committed to the delivery of green events. With this in mind, Dominique Escande and Florence Koch of our Luxembourg neimënstervenue discuss this issue and its impact on their venue.

  • neimënster

    Located in the midst of Luxembourg’s oldest districts which are part of the Unesco World Heritage, neimënster dates back to the medieval time of 963 and Count Siegfried. Having survived and expanded through the centuries, today the centre is dedicated to cultural projects and provides at the same time a marvellous setting to stage seminars and discussion groups, company celebrations and other major events of a more social nature. 

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